JD Edwards ERP and Customer Service

Remaining competitive in today’s business environment is a challenge facing every company in all industries. With the rise of technology and information, your customers have a plethora of options available in any market or niche.

Online search has made it possible for customers to compare your products and services to your competitors in seconds. This means that you need a strong online marketing strategy that drives conversions while also providing unmatched customer service to ensure your business can build customer loyalty. 

JDE Ecommerce-Growth-Trend

Image Source: https://beeketing.com/blog/future-ecommerce-2019/

ERP systems help asset-intensive businesses in industries such as distribution, manufacturing, and technology, manage their processes, and improve efficiencies.

Improving your business processes leads to an increase in customer service levels. By implementing an ERP system, you keep both your business operations and customers in the limelight. Here are four ways that an ERP system can boost your customer service levels.

1. Streamline Your Business Backend Processes

By implementing an ERP solution, your company can deliver the best products to your customers. This means that you can reduce the time and resources from picking to packing, and shipping products late or in the wrong quantity. 

Your company can avoid these negative impacts by building automated processes into your logistics results in enhanced productivity in your warehouses, better inventory control, as well as improved transportation times.

ERP systems also allow companies to track reliable leads and business opportunities while assisting with managing orders with your current customers. These factors add up to improved customer satisfaction and better customer communication.

2. Carry The Right Inventory Based On Supply and Demand

ERP systems connect sales orders to fulfillment departments while providing managers with better control over all processes in a systemic manner. 

Managers can assign inventory to sales orders and set service levels based on when customer demands increase throughout the year.

Leveraging ERP helps you quantify your customer relationships by assigning priority scores to your customers. This strategy allows you to always be on top of your order flow, and ensure that your top customers are never left waiting.