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What’s New in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release

William Craig, Senior Manager Marketing

Let’s not get to comfortable with Tools Release, as Oracle just announced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release with lots of great new features for Orchestrations and reasons to upgrade! Let’s give you a quick rundown of some of the new innovative features in the latest Tools Release – If you would like to read the official Oracle release, please visit the Oracle Site or

Associating Orchestrations with Events on EnterpriseOne Forms – With, you can now use the form extensibility framework to associate orchestrations with events on an E1 form. In, notifications can now also be associated with these events. In addition, you can now invoke orchestrations from these events by mapping orchestrations outputs to the form controls in synchronous mode, eliminating the manual task that would normally still need to be done.

To find out more, visit Associating Orchestrations with Events to Extend E1 Forms

Using Orchestrations to Automate Administrative Tasks for System Administration – In the latest Tools Release, you can now automate system administration tasks using JDE E1 Orchestrator Studio, which can now call REST services to automate common system administration tasks, eliminating the need to learn scripting to automate these tasks.

To find out more, visit Automating System Administration Tasks with Orchestrator Studio

Scheduler Services REST Endpoints – In TR, the REST APIs for the Application Interface Services (AIS) Server now include services for using multiple schedulers for scheduling orchestrations and notifications.

Object for Orchestration Input Type – By using an object as orchestration input type in TR, you can pass a JSON object into an orchestration. By defining arrays as objects, the input type can pass nested arrays of data as well.

To find out more, please visit Adding Inputs to an Orchestration

Mapping a JSON Object to an Orchestration Connector – In TR, you can now map a JSON object to an orchestration connector using the Allow input JSON Object toggle, allowing you to pass arrays to an orchestration called through a connector.

To find out more, please visit How to Invoke an Orchestration/Notification Using Configuring a Connector Service Request

Clearing Cache – On the AIS and HTML Servers, a new REST API can be now be used to clear data Cache (cleardatacache) with TR

To find out more, please visit – Clear Cache

Shortcut Links for Orchestration/Notification on iPad – Another new enhancement in TR allows you to launch orchestrations and notifications links in JDE E1 from an iPad.

To find out more, please visit – Orchestration/Notification Shortcut Links

Diagnostics Interface – A new interface has been developed in TR to easily collect diagnostics data and system information that pertains to a specific servicer.

To find out more, please visit – Diagnostics

Platform Certifications

Oracle DB 19c (Linux and JDE 32-bit Enterprise Server)

Oracle MAF 2.6

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