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A Little Hansel & Gretel Built into E1…WHAT?

Dan Schultheis, Sr Manager – Enterprise Consulting

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Sometimes I take the little things for granted when I am working with users. I assume that everyone uses the little shortcuts and sometimes I get a “what did you just do there?” Well, I make a note of it and say, well, I guess I need to put it in a Consultants Corner article for everyone to be reminded of some of the cool functionality. I know we have covered Favorites and Query’s and all kind of shortcuts, but here is another helpful shortcut task. Many times, you will find yourself jumping around to different tasks that may not be in your favorites, or you did something in the AM and now it’s later in the day and you need to go back to it. There is another quick process that can get you there (to the task). BREADCRUMBS!

So, let’s look at the normal menu driven drill down to get to the item inquiries.

Clicking into Summary Availability the long way…


Now here is a fun fact…there is a way that is WAY faster, I know favorites right, but another way is using the breadcrumbs that you created.


Notice the little Down Arrow at the top above the menus…those are the breadcrumbs I am talking about, these little numbers are the tasks that you have taken, and they are remembered for you.


Open these up and it is like looking at all the places you have been today.   So, lets select it and guess what, if you have access to it, you can drill into Processing options, or drill deeper in the menu task if you desire. Looks just like you picked the menu selection from the breadcrumbs. Pretty cool right!


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