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Artificially Intelligent? 

Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting


When you hear the words artificial intelligence and machine learning, what ideas are conjured up in your head? Depending on your generation, you might envision Dr. Who episodes, or see numbers scrolling across your screen like in The Matrix.

Artificial intelligence is something for the future, when we take our flying cars to work, right? Actually, artificial intelligence (AI) is here now, and it is more engrained in our lives than you might imagine.

When a machine has an agent that receives input from its environment and makes decisions that help it achieve the programmed goals, this is artificial intelligence.

AI exists on our phones, in our cars and in our home automation products. Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are virtual assistants that leverage AI to help you with tasks and suggest options that would be beneficial to you. From a consumer level, these are great tools to have available to us, but how can AI help your business?

AI has applications across virtually all industries. Manufacturing industries can use AI to predict equipment failures and assist with supply chain management and inventory. Banks and credit card companies use AI to detect fraud. Chatbots are becoming more and more prevalent in our web browsing to lower customer service costs and improve our experience. There would be no self-driving cars without AI. So how do you take advantage of AI in your business environment.

As with any business solution, first you need to define your need. Perform an evaluation of what pain points exist in your organization and see what benefit AI may bring. Do you need process automation to eliminate mistakes and make your workforce more efficient? Would predictive data analytics give your leadership team the information they have been missing to make informed decisions? Will your customers be better served and more satisfied with quicker suggestions on how their business can be improved with your products?

These AI solutions will have a cost associated with them, but there are ways to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Cloud based architecture is almost always the ideal platform to develop your solution. The flexibility and scalability of Cloud allows you to start small and expand as the needs arise. Utility billing allows the cost of the development of the solution to ebb and flow with development challenges and setbacks. Cloud computing is developer friendly, and the latest AI technologies are Cloud Native.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of AI or have already invested in AI for your business, GSI can assist you with your journey to improve your business. We have dedicated Cloud and development teams that are well versed in these technologies. At GSI we take pride in the fact that our teammates and consultants have extensive technical and business experience that can help your organization. Email us at to start the conversation.

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