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Database Indexes: Separating Myth from Reality for DBAs, Developers, and Application Users


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Are you wondering why that index you added didn’t improve your report’s performance at all? You even specified the index in your application’s code so it should be doing something, right?  In this webcast you’ll learn why applications don’t use indexes the way you think they do, and why adding indexes might actually make performance worse.



The GSInsider - November 2018 Contractor Edition

Eric Smith, Resource Manager


Welcome to the November edition of the GSI Contractor Newsletter. 
In this newsletter, we will share with you the latest contractor positions available at GSI, Inc. as well as the latest industry content; including tips and tricks, upcoming webcasts, trends, videos, how-to's, technology updates, news, best practices, what's new with the GSI family and more.

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JD Edwards: How to Integrate Your Data From Multiple Platforms

Friday, November 30, 2018 2pm-3pm

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During this webinar, we will discuss the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you know how efficient and effective your ERP Reporting is?
  • Have you ever considered automating your ETL & Data warehousing processes without any Manual
  • Data Preparation or programming?
  • Would you like to create self-service reports and dashboards in just a few clicks?
  • Would you like to track your entire operations in real-time - anywhere, anytime, and, on any device?


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JD Edwards Webcast Schedule - November 2018

William J. Craig, CPA, Senior Manager - Marketing

ADP Lunch and Learn

GSI hosts numerous free educational webcasts each week throughout the year. All of our November webcasts will be posted on our website shortly so keep an eye out to register. For each webcast, you will be entered in a drawing to win a prize if you attend the entire webcast.

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GENISYS Monthly and Quarterly Performance Testing

Al Hotchkiss, Senior Technical Solution Architect

Cameron Kennedy, Solutions Architect, GENISYS SME, Tier One Team Lead


The GENISYS team has been working on a foundation for offering ‘Performance Testing as a Service’, building out plans for monthly and quarterly performance testing. Many clients are often hesitant to update Windows Updates & Patches, WebLogic/WebSphere Patches or Database Patches in case unforeseen system stability or application issues are encountered.

GENISYS can be used to help test the system with either a general load or specific processes to ensure system stability for users after the maintenance is complete.



GENIUS AI Upcoming Activities

Rick Saltness, Senior Developer

Genius top picIn this article we’ll review what’s coming up in GENIUS AI in the short term and in the next several months. First, the GENIUS AI Client Portal will be refreshed with a new look and feel, and with improved navigation. This will provide the base for future widgets and monitoring functionality from our new agent going forward. Our plan is to go live on December 4th.

Secondly, a new agent will be deployed to GENIUS AI clients to provides us with expanded capabilities in the future, including better, more customizable monitors for your application environment.


Pros/Cons: Microsoft Dynamics SL vs NetSuite


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During this on-demand webcast, we will discuss the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics SL vs NetSuite. Before moving down the migration path to Dynamics 365, Dynamics SL users should review Oracle-NetSuite ERP.