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When is it time to start some basic housekeeping and cleanup of your World system?

As time goes by, we tend to accumulate a number of obsolete Dream Writers, World Writers, menus and even business data. Every organization is different in their retention needs, but everyone faces the reality that they need to do some basic housekeeping at some point in time.

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11077377 911476268883801 194462467275504017 oWilliam Craig, CPA, Senior Manager - Marketing

Where are we with Cloud ERP and where is the industry headed? Here is what the experts are saying: 

In the past 12 months, Oracle picked up 2,181 total new Software as a Service (SaaS) customers, 263 in ERP. (OpenWorld).

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1511282 845219798842782 3710589934417836548 nCathy S. Gallagher, VP Client Success

Q: Does your company have employees?

If you answered "of course", then why not consider Extending Your Reach from JD Edwards to Oracle HCM Cloud?

Maybe you're already using JD Edwards HR, Payroll, and Benefits but have you thought about how you can provide innovative ways to promote Employee Wellness and Work Life Solutions? Interest in wellness programs is also driven by Part U of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which encourages these types of programs in the workplace.

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1501040 693725950658835 754490362 oMark P. Andrzejewski, World Practice Lead

Available since A9.2, BI Publisher (BIP) for World has become a 'Phase II' project for several companies, but typically 'Phase II' projects seldom see the light of day. With shrinking staff and IT budgets, as well as finding the time to implement, it just keeps getting postponed. It's not until you see the high annual maintenance for a third party tool for reporting and forms management, and the many benefits of BI Publisher, that you consider implementing it. For most folks, this is where the vicious circle starts and stops, as you begin to mistakenly think there is not enough time to design, test and implement prior to the expiration of maintenance; therefore, you pay the bill and continue as before.

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988423 845468168817945 8397578907387863309 nBill Rehm, Sr. Solution Consultant

JD Edwards is designed to insulate users and administrators from the hardware and database. This is part of the spirit of CNC - Configurable Network Computing. The CNC concept means that with only JD Edwards tools, a user can perform select, insert, update, delete, create, and drop operations on any table.

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11083876 917229578308470 1486565813286806093 nEd Gutkowski, Chief Architect - RapidReconciler, Products

Diverse companies often employ a costing strategy that utilizes multiple cost methods in JD Edwards. For example, manufacturing plants primarily use method '07' (standard cost) while distribution centers may use method '02' (weighted average). If your items are valued using multiple cost methods it is easy to overlook some fundamental set up constraints which can lead to variances during the reconciliation process. The culprit in this case is the GL class code. Assigning the same code to items with different cost methods results in a "Catch 22", meaning the accounting instruction configuration can only work for one or the other, not both.

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cloud-computing 2-620x400Cathy Gallagher, VP Client Success

WHY? Because business leaders know that modern cloud applications can help them lower the cost of IT ownership, accelerate the pace of innovation, and vastly improve their users' experiences.

In general, the journey to cloud often comes with financial hurdles to overcome such as the support fees you currently pay for your on-premises applications. Great news everyone! Oracle is paving the way to the cloud with the Customer 2 Cloud program, designed to help you take advantage of best-in-class cloud applications, while addressing the retirement of the on-premises modules the Oracle Cloud solutions will replace.

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