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The 3 Biggest Cons of Using a Snapshot of Perpetual Report

Edward Gutkowski, Chief Architect - Rapid Reconciler

RR picWhen creating a perpetual inventory report for reconciliation purposes, there are 2 methods to choose from:

1. Summarized Transactions – This means for each item in the system, the applicable cardex records must be added up, in both units and amounts, to get the perpetual number.

2. Snapshot – A report of item quantity balances and unit costs are captured at a specific time, and the balance is then compared to the general ledger balance.



Top 10 UBE Metrics

Marc Fick, Senior Developer

GENIUS picUBE’s metrics have been an area of interest that we hear from many or our clients. GENIUS has been collecting and monitoring UBE data for a while and this month we are going to recap what data is available and where you can find it. You can get details about your most often run UBE jobs, your longest running UBE jobs from the client dashboard as well as your monthly and quarterly performance reports.

Top ten most often run UBE jobs detail can be found on the Performance tab inside the UBE Jobs sub-tab.  Here you can see the UBE name, job, version, host, environment, and the number of times the job ran over the past 30 days. 



2019 Trends: Autonomous Trucks in the Supply Chain

William Craig, CPA – Senior Manager - Market Research 

Autonomous trucks 3

Since 2008, mining company Rio Tinto has moved more than one billion tons of iron ore and waste material across its five mining sites in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia using fully autonomous trucks. They currently have more than 80 autonomous Komatsu trucks operating with plans to increase the number to over 140 by the end of 2019. Each truck operated an estimated 700 hours more than a conventional truck during 2017 and had around 15% lower load and haul unit costs (

While on the open roads, in 2016, a Volvo truck outfitted with Uber’s (Otto) autonomous vehicle (AV) technology and no driver behind the wheel, traveled 120 miles along I-25 from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs to deliver 50,000 cans of Budweiser. For full disclosure, the driver engaged the autopilot and moved to the backseat once on the highway (CNN Business).


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Artificially Intelligent? 

Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting


When you hear the words artificial intelligence and machine learning, what ideas are conjured up in your head? Depending on your generation, you might envision Dr. Who episodes, or see numbers scrolling across your screen like in The Matrix.

Artificial intelligence is something for the future, when we take our flying cars to work, right? Actually, artificial intelligence (AI) is here now, and it is more engrained in our lives than you might imagine.

When a machine has an agent that receives input from its environment and makes decisions that help it achieve the programmed goals, this is artificial intelligence.


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Digital Transformation Issue 23

David Telford, Vice President of Innovation


I realized while preparing for this month’s article that I didn’t do my usual year-end cool gadgets edition back in December, so I thought I should do it this month. And maybe since we’re past the holidays, there may be some good deals going on! When I started looking at all the new stuff, I saw a lot of new players in existing tech like phone add-ons, Bluetooth speakers packed into everything, ear buds and headphones, fitness trackers, and all the usual stuff.

I also looked for new subscription services that, while not specifically tech-related, are still part of the digital economy, so I think that counts.  So here are a few new or coming tech items, and some interesting new subscriptions I am excited about.


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Using Advanced Filters in NetSuite

Jimmy Morales, Consultant


Question: How can I use filters to restrict data as it integrates with NetSuite?

Filters are a valuable option to limit data as it is sent to NetSuite from OpenAir. The method is similar to “Old Style Advanced Mapping.”
Use the “Filters” option above the fields mapping area to open the freeform text area to input your filter:



Meet the GSI Family: Paul Nickel

Paul Nickel, Sr. Client Development Account Executive

GSI Family

 Paul is one of our newer employees. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Paul recently joined the GSI family as a Sr. Client Development Account Executive and currently lives in Milton, Georgia with his wife, 4 kids, and his golden retriever.

In his free time, he enjoys watching sports and accompanying his kids with their travel sports.

His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Indians, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.