1404707 844781258886636 3993750763521547552 oBill Rehm, ATS Database Lead

You've analyzed the performance of your application or UBE, and after working with the DBA, you've all decided that adding an index to the F0911 is the best way to speed up your slow process. You tell your developer who goes in to Table Design Aid in OMW and adds the new index. They check in the table and the CNC promotes it to Production, after which a package is built and deployed. The only thing left is to generate the new index in Production. The CNC opens OMW, goes to Table Design Aid, clicks the Table Operations tab, and clicks Generate Indexes.

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10972 798712000160229 7444080247745639832 nMark P. Andrzejewski, World Practice Lead

Well it's Spring, finally. That means it is time to take a quick look at your system for opportunities to do some cleaning. DreamWriters and in particular Dreamwriter recursive versions are always a great place to start. Many folks forget about the need to periodically clear out their recursive versions until they start to have issues. It is good practice to purge them out at least once if not twice a year. Along with that exercise, take the time to review just 10 DreamWriters a month. Look for stale ones, if you start with older ones left over from pre A9.x days you are generally pretty safe deleting them.

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11794541 978729448825149 5640765919872836789 oGarfield Hyatt, Senior Developer


I received a request from a client to display Date Requested and the week number of the year this date falls-in. I was surprise to find out that there is not a Business Function in JDE that provides this calculation so we had to create our own BF to this. So how do you create group of tasks to accomplish this?

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Keep it short and simple; keep it simple and straightforward; keep it short and sweet, or an American hard rock band formed in January of 1973 in New York City. No matter how you slice it, KISS has its place in today's business environment. The "keep it simple stupid" (KISS) principle is a rule of design that implies that systems perform their best when they have simple designs rather than complex ones. The acronym in and of itself is not meant to imply a lack of knowledge (or stupidity) but rather the fact that an intelligent system can be construed as stupid because of their simplistic design.

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Database2Bill Rehm, ATS Database Lead

One of the most overlooked best practices when managing JDE E1 is user security. When you set up a new user inside E1, you have to assign them a password. Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, that's not all there is to security inside E1. As shipped, JDE E1 is essentially wide open for all users and companies must develop a plan to handle all aspects of E1 security. Once the plan is in place it requires regular maintenance and adjustment as users come and go or company needs change.

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10914814 875961869101908 1233920574885153173 oBill Rehm, Principal Solutions Architect

Question: Oracle is releasing a lot of exciting mobile apps. What do I need to run them at my company?

Answer: There are several different mobile solutions available from Oracle. The Mobile Enterprise (AIS) solution for phones and tablets provides a number of mobile applications that are already built and ready to go. You can find these apps on iTunes and Google Play for tablets and smartphones.

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988423 845468168817945 8397578907387863309 nCathy S. Gallagher, VP Client Success

What are the key business reasons driving organizations to move to cloud-based ERP solutions? According to a recent Gartner Group survey, agility leads the field with a whopping 66%.

Here is the complete list:

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