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Processing work orders in JD Edwards can be an arduous process.  It’s important to avoid confusion if research is required or a report needs to be written as to what tables are impacted by each step.

As a distribution consultant on a major implementation, I met a manufacturing expert who imparted his wisdom on the subject.   I was fortunate enough to be given a small matrix on what happens at the various steps:


10472719 795081723856590 4207029123127971081 nLou Gansky, Senior Application Consultant

Setup of ACH Payments

Payment Instrument Defaults (P0417)

  • Menu Path – EnterpriseOne Menus -> Financials -> Accounts Payable -> Accounts Payable Setup -> Automatic Payment Setup -> Payment Instrument Defaults
  • Setup Payment Instrument = V
  • Payment Print Program = P04572T1
  • Register Print Program = P04576
  • Attachment Print Program = P04573
  • Debit Statement Print Program = P04574


12109991 1016360201728740 2697502207503772787 oCathy S. Gallagher, VP Client Success

What are the key business reasons driving organizations to move to cloud based ERP solutions? According to a recent Gartner Group survey, agility leads the field with a whopping 66%.

Here is the complete list:


1912411 721236521241111 557981355 oBill Rehm, ATS Database Lead

I imagine there was a lot of spilled brandy and lost monocles upon reading that title. Now that I have your attention, what I really meant was "Don't patch your database without giving it careful thought." I bet some of you are probably thinking, "Well of course that makes sense, why wouldn't you do that?" That's a really great question. It does make sense yet many people approach their patching plans without thinking through all the possible factors.


dec coverTom Gabriele, Product Manager

Everything in this day and age that is manufactured, built or designed must have a plan to follow. To that end, Computer Assisted Design (or CAD) is used by various businesses and industries to generate these plans. In its simplest terms CAD is drawing on a computer. These drawings can be anything from an architectural plan or a robust mechanical drawing. Regardless any of these can be produced using CAD software. Sometimes referred to as computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), it represents the use of computer technology for design and design documentation and replaces manual drafting with an automated process. CAD programs can be either two or three dimensional in nature and help individuals and companies explore design ideas and visualize concepts through realistic photo renderings. They also simulate how a particular design will perform in the real world. CAD programs contain different features depending upon whether your design process is going to involve a 2 dimensional based graphic or if you require a 3 dimensional image of a solid surface. Most 3 dimensional CAD software programs let you apply multiple light sources, rotate objects in three dimensions, and render designs from any angle.


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Another holiday season, another opportunity to do some housecleaning in World. This time of year there are typically some extended maintenance windows that we can take advantage of to do some cleanup. When was the last time you took time to revisit your jobs running in sleeper? Do you have some stale jobs that are no longer needed? Now is the perfect window to shutdown sleeper, and do some cleanup.


1511282 845219798842782 3710589934417836548 nMark Andrzejewski, JD Edwards World Practice Lead

How safe is your World System? Do you really know? Have you checked and verified that your backup strategy is protecting your data? A short while ago, GSI received a call from a controller at a company asking for assistance in recovering their World System. The company ran on an older release of JD Edwards on an older machine and a disk drive had failed. Being on older hardware, they did not have the benefit of RAID protection so they lost all their data and had to go the route of procuring a new drive and restoring the system. No problem, right?