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Viewing Standard Costs in NetSuite

Jennifer Sanske, Business Analyst


Winter is in full force and bringing bitter cold to many regions around the globe, but that is no reason to be bitter about analyzing Standard Costing in NetSuite. This article will present 2 ways of viewing your Standard Costs, so you can continue to build your toolbox of tricks.

1. Costed Bill of Material Inquiry.

a. Navigate to Transactions > Manufacturing > Costed Bill of Materials Inquiry.

i. Fill in Subsidiary, Location, Bill of Materials (BOM Revision and Effective Date will auto fill)

ii. You will be able to view all component and sub-assembly costs associated with the BOM as well as details about your BOM and Revision.



Standard Post

2. You can also use a Saved Search to inquire on this information. Just go to Saved Search – New. Choose the “Item” option for the foundation information in your search.

a. Under Criteria, you may choose to Narrow Down your Type of item to Assembly or Inventory.

b. Under results include name, current standard cost, Inventory location, you can even add in cost accounting status if you would like.

Now, it is time to break into some warm and cozy analysis!


Meet the Author- Jennifer Sanske