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Cloud 9 LogoOracle JD Edwards return on investment (ROI) and time to benefit have officially been changed forever! JDE CLOUD9, a new cloud-based hosted service from GSI, Inc., offers enterprises the easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase, implement, customize, utilize and manage Oracle JD Edwards software.

JDE CLOUD9 offers enterprises the lowest barrier to entry for leveraging this critical application in a high-performance cloud environment for just pennies on the dollar compared to traditional purchased solutions. The application and cloud infrastructure combination enables companies to scale their environment based on fluctuating or growing business needs.

If you are serious about putting the focus back on growing your business instead of maintaining your business system, now is the time for GSI’s JDE CLOUD9 solution.

“With JDE CLOUD9, you get a JD Edwards System running on the most advanced hardware available that includes complete managed care.” 

Kevin R. Herrig President & CEO GSI, Inc.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive, and your IT departement and overall business operations can grow with JD Edwards Cloud services. A Cloud Assessment is the first step to a successful Private Cloud deployment so you can lower costs and risk across your business.

Your company will be able to enter new markets, expand to new business units, and achieve greater business agility with managed JD Edwards services. Our team will help you deploy and scale JD Edwards instances across your company to accelerate application migration and integrations. Your business will streamline all aspects of your business with more efficient processes. There are numerous benefits that come with JDE CLOUD9, including:

Take the First Step Today with a Cloud Value Assessment

While migrating your JD Edwards system to the cloud offer numerous benefits, the process can be daunting and expose your organization to potential risks if not done correctly. This is why GSI has developed a comprehensive cloud value assessment to provide decision makers with a comprehensive roadmap to migrate to the cloud.  The deliverables will include:

  • Documented Findings and Recommendations
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Prioritized Scope
  • High Level Timeline
  • High Level Estimate
  • ROI and TCO Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Future State Support Needs

For more information, please visit Cloud Value Assessment.

JD Edwards Hosting


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade & Private Cloud Migration

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    Cloud Migration (OCI)

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      JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade

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        Cloud9 Implementation

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          GSI Clients Have Seen up to a 52% Savings over a 3-Year Period

          With GSI’s Cloud and Hosting Solutions, we will enable you to realize the following benefits:

          • Lower Capex, Opex Expenses, TCO

          • Reduce IT Operational Complexity

          • Focus Resources on Growing Business

          • Create Business Agility and Competitive Advantage

          • Ease and Speed of Deployment

          • Strategic Flexibility

          • Access to Expert Staff with Decades of JD Edwards Experience

          • Predictable Cost Model

          • Unmatched Time to Benefit

          • Market Adaptability and Scalability

          • High Return on Investment (ROI)

          • Increase Performance and Efficiency

          • Scalability

          • On-Demand Environments

          • Increase Automation

          • Reduce IT Staffing and Support Costs

          • Eliminate Costs for System Management, Ongoing Maintenance and Updates/Upgrades

          • Pay for What You Consume with Access to What You Need

          • Provide Business Continuity, Reliability & Security

          • Minimize Risks

          CASE STUDIES

          JDE CLOUD9 Advantages

          JD Edwards Hosting
          • Highly Scalable – add CPU or RAM in minutes. Add servers in a few hours.
          • Maximizes Your JDE Investment – Utilizes Oracle DBMS & WebLogic included with JDE license
          • Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity – easier, faster, and more reliable
          • 24/7/365 Managed Care – functional, development, system administration (CNC), OS, & DBMS
          • Tier III Data Centers with 10GB inter-datacenter connections

          With JDE CLOUD9, you can finally focus on growing your business and not maintaining your business system!

          JDE CLOUD9 Includes

          JD Edwards Cloud Solutions• Managed Hosting Services

          • Advanced Proactive Application Monitoring Using GSI’s gTAC

          • Expert JDE Resources

          • Infrastructure Upgrades and Updates

          • Application, Operating System and Database Administration

          • Security Management

          • Storage and Backup Services

          • 24/7 Support

          • Service Level Agreement

          • SOC 1 Type II Compliance

          • ITIL and COBIT Processes

          • Predictable Monthly Expense

          Reasons to Move to a JD Edwards Cloud Solution

          1. JD Edwards HostingAbility to scale rapidly to changes in the business – market, competition, demand, etc.
          2. Predictable cost model – fixed fee over a contracted period of time
          3. Reduces costs for IT staffing, infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades/updates, system management, etc.
          4. Pay for what you consume with access to what you need.
          5. Ease and speed of implementation.
          6. Reduces IT complexity.
          7. Improves system availability, redundancy and disaster recovery.
          8. Expert 24/7 resources at your disposal including technical and functional resources.
          9. Provides application, operating system, database, security administration with proactive monitoring.
          10. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over an on premise solution.

          GSI’s JDE CLOUD9 offers enterprises the easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase, implement, customize, utilize and manage Oracle JD Edwards software in a private cloud model. If you are interested in learning more, please visit JDE CLOUD9.



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