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Vanessa Stang, Principal Functional Consultant


Is there any way I can have multiple applications open on one screen without having to toggle back and forth between them?


Why yes there is and all it requires is a café, JD Edwards CafeOne that is! Have there been moments where you are in front of your screen and you must toggle back and forth between the applications you have open. You may have to type in a customer number but then when you make it to the correct screen you have already forgotten the number? I know I have! Bad short-term memory gets me every time!

You are probably asking what is CafeOne and how can it help me? CafeOne, also known as Composite Application Framework, is a user interface framework that enables users to work with content from multiple sources within a single browser window. CafeOne enables authorized users to embed external website page content, multiple EnterpriseOne forms and OBIEE object directly onto an JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application form. You can save and reuse the CafeOne that was created. And if the administrator deems it useful it can be shared to other people in your organization. CafeOne can also be set up to be static or dynamic with any of the EnterpriseOne applications or websites that have been added.

I know your next thought for Vanessa is, are there any special requirements for this? Only two very simple requirements. The first you need to be working on tools release 9.1.4 or later. And if you want to use Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) you will need a separate license. While you create your CafeOne you can add as many forms and websites as you would like. Just remember it can easily become cluttered, so I suggest no more than four windows inside of an EnterpriseOne application. Such as the example below.

Remember CafeOne is there to help customize your user experience. So, feel free to arrange it, resize it, and add as many components as you would like. This is your JDE world we are just living in it.

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