JD Edwards Database Management Services

Is Your Data Safe?database

Does your company know the answer to this question: Is my data safe, now and in the future? With GSI as your database partner, the answer to that question is yes – 24/7/365.

Company Data is Key

A company’s database is the most critical component of the business. If a business’s data is inaccessible – even temporarily – it can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages and revenue. A company could go out of business completely if a database crash results in unrecoverable loss of data.

Databases are Complex

Many growing companies that implement databases to support advanced software are often unprepared for the complexities of managing an enterprise-class database. The cost of hiring a qualified database administrator can be prohibitive especially for companies with a small technology footprint. Even companies with expertise on staff may have only a single qualified database administrator (DBA), making vacations or illness a very scary time for an organization – and the DBA.

GSI Covers All Your Needs

At GSI, we have Certified Database Administrators that have extensive experience and certifications in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2. All of our services are provided remotely which reduces costs and allows us to have expertise available around the clock. Our DBAs provide custom solutions for:

  • Staff Augmentation o Vacation Support – If your only DBA is going on vacation, let us mind the store while they’re away.
    • First-tier – Do you want to let your DBA focus on more complex duties? Let us take care of the day-to-day activities.
    • Second tier – If you don’t have a senior DBA on staff, let us take some of the worry away by being available for critical situations.
    • Full database management – You don’t need a DBA at all! GSI can handle everything for you from end to end.
  • Infrastructure planning – We can work with you to specify and choose hardware appropriate for your organization.
  • Database installations – Creating new databases and instances for your business.
  • Auditing – When you need to keep an eye on security or specific tables.
  • Database upgrades – Is your database out of support? Let us get you on the latest version.
  • Patching – Regular patching is important to stay ahead of bugs and security concerns.
  • Performance Analysis – Keeping the database running smoothly is an ongoing task.
  • Database optimization – Out of the box settings might work at first, but a database needs to get in tune and stay there.
  • Security – Do you know how many users have full access to your database? We can find out and fix it.
  • High Availability – Extended up time requires advanced configurations and expertise.
  • Disaster Recovery – When the tornado hits your data center, how will you get back in business?
  • Advanced database technologies – Database functionality and performance can be extended with features like pluggable databases, table partitioning, and much more. We can help you understand the benefits and implement a solution.

JD Edwards Focused

Our senior DBAs are also well-known experts in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. They understand the specific ways JDE interacts with all the databases on which it can run. JDE is a complex software suite with many unique considerations when it comes to database configuration. Understanding both sides is important to make sure it all works together efficiently.

GSI Works Towards Your Goals

In the end, all a company really wants is their data to be safe and accessible. GSI provides that peace of mind around the clock. Whether you need full-time end-to-end coverage of your database systems, backup support for your staff DBAs, or simple vacation coverage – you’ll know GSI has your back.

Analysis Services

4 hour “Quick Look”: Do you feel like your database is running fine, but you still want someone to check it over just in case? In less than four hours, GSI can provide short, high-level analysis of the most important database configurations.

16 hour Database Analysis: We go even deeper in to your database to see how it conforms to best practices and analyze overall performance. We also make recommendations for all areas to help you get back to where you need to be.

40-hour Deep Dive: This detailed analysis not only goes through your entire database, but we also look at your JD Edwards application to make sure it’s working with the database appropriately. Our deliverable not only includes recommendations, but a detailed estimate describing what it will take to correct any problems.


Oracle Certified Professional

Oracle Certified SQL Expert

To find out more about the GSI’s Database Management Services or any of GSI’s products or services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.