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The Company

Formed in 1986 and headquartered in Carson, California, Dermalogica, Inc. is a cosmetics company that engages in manufacturing and sales of quality skin care products. Dermalogica serves consumers and skin care professionals through skin treatment centers, salons and spas in the US and internationally. The company’s product portfolio comprises moisturizers, shampoos, toners, cleansers, exfoliants and conditioners under numerous labels. These products are offered through over 75,000 qualified skin care professionals in 48 countries worldwide. The company has principal operations in the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

The Challenges – Focus to be on JD Edwards

  • A third-party credit card software utilized a custom SQL stored procedure for transactions that interfaced with EnterpriseOne. Upgrading of the credit card software and the Tools release stopped the custom stored procedure from working.
  • Customer wanted to stay current with EnterpriseOne technology and utilize a supported and more reliable solution for credit card transactions.

The Solution – JD Edwards Focus

  • Adding a BSSV Server to their existing EnterpriseOne system provided the required solution.
  • The BSSV Solution was placed into Production and tasked with handling all credit card transactions for online retail orders.
  • The BSSV Solution has been bulletproof since go-live and now handles all credit card transactions for the entire company. This amounts to approximately 60% of their revenue.
  • During the 7 months since go-live of the BSSV server into Production, the system has only been offline once due to maintenance of Windows patching.
  • Customer is now considering converting other interfaces to BSSV. This includes integration with their shipping partners.

The Results

  • Dermalogica found a significant reduction in the support required to maintain their solution by implementing BSSV.
  • The project itself, while small, opened up the capability to expand integrations into other areas of Dermalogica.
  • The project was significant because it showed the strength of BSSV and increased the value of JD Edwards.

Prior to the implementation of BSSV, Dermalogica experienced multiple issues with their credit card processing. At times, the previous software unexpectedly stopped working and was difficult to get support. The new BSSV solution has been bulletproof since go-live and now handles all credit card transactions for their Domestic order fulfillment. This gives Dermalogica peace of mind and enables them to focus on their business and not their business system.