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The Company

Originally known as Burt, Boulton Holdings, Ltd., Domtar, Ltd. was founded in
England by Henry Potter Burt in 1848. The company specialized in treating lumber
from decay as the booming demand for railway ties and wharf pilings grew in
North America and Europe. Today, Domtar has grown into a leading manufacturer
of fiber-based products in more than 50 countries with 13 pulp and paper mills in
North America, 10 converting sites, as well as 6 personal care facilities in North
America and Europe. It is committed to turning sustainable wood fiber
into useful products such as papers, market pulp, and absorbent hygiene
products. After combining its business with the fine paper operations
of Weyerhaeuser in 2007, Domtar became the largest North American
manufacturer of uncoated communication paper. With Headquarters in
Fort Mill, South Carolina, Domtar employs approximately 10,000 people
and has revenues of $5.3B. It is traded on the New York (NYSE) and
Toronto (TSX) Stock Exchanges.

The Challenges

Domtar faced many challenges as they looked to upgrade to the latest
release of JD Edwards. Domtar’s original JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
implementation from 8 years earlier included numerous customizations,
which prevented Domtar from being code current with Oracle. Second,
the system had stability issues, requiring frequent reboots to the server.
In addition, the users disliked the system, there was no disaster recovery plan,
and EDI orders were taking longer to process than manual orders. Lastly, Domtar’s
business model has evolved over the years and now required an agile system
to support its customers across a significant distribution network in the US and
Canada. The current implementation was not set up to meet these challenges.

The Results

Domtar chose GSI to perform a hybrid business transformational upgrade to
their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system for several reasons. GSI’s executive team
was extensively involved in the due diligence process. GSI also mitigated risks by
providing a 100% guarantee. They had an in depth understanding of Domtar’s
issues and how to address them, providing KPI’s to back up their estimates. GSI
also had more mature delivery processes and had the most technical depth of any
company they spoke to during their evaluation.
After the upgrade was complete, Domtar knew they made the right
decision with GSI. “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne now provides the
foundation and agility needed to meet the demands of Domtar’s
customers across its significant distribution network.”, said Sei Fujikawa,
Director, COE Supply Chain Operations. “After upgrading to the latest
release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne which included the elimination of
numerous customizations, Domtar is now able to remain code current
and is now covered under Oracle support. Domtar also worked with GSI
and their GENISYS Performance Optimizer tool to ensure the system will
handle future load requirements to migrate the entire paper business
orders onto JDE.”
In addition, Domtar now has a disaster recovery plan in place that will
have them back up in 24 hours. The system is now stable after eliminating
the old customizations. The usability and efficiency in EDI order process has
improved tremendously. Today, 50% of EDI orders are now processing without
manual intervention, and they are working to improve it even more.