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Everything as a Service (“EaaSy”)

Subscription Model to Meet the Changing Business Needs of Client

GSI’s Everything as a Service (“EaaSy”) subscription model allows our clients to easily add, change, or remove services as their needs change. The EaaSy Plan enables them to get what they want, when they want it, and without all the time consuming paperwork that changes generate.  Knowing that GSI has them covered with everything they need, clients can now focus on growing their business instead of maintaining their business systems.

Traditional Information Technology (IT) service providers have numerous individual offerings but rarely is there an approach to blend offerings or empower clients to customize their service package based on their varied and changing needs. These services are often inflexible and locked into long-term contracts with significant penalties for early termination, as well as high overage costs when the plan isn’t properly sized to meet demand. The scope of services and needs of clients can change frequently, requiring multiple change orders, inevitably involving legal review to ensure that what is being purchased is meeting the organization’s needs. Clients are looking for a value-based subscription experience, with predictable spend based on service and price, not hours and rate.

With EaaSy™, clients create their own EaaSy Plan™ subscription by selecting multiple services in GSI’s extensive service catalog, establishing a pool of service credits. Clients can then adjust the allocation of their service credits every three (3) months to address their changing needs. These plans are also future-proof. As GSI continues to add new products and services, these new services will be made available.

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