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Organizations that use JD Edwards software have invested heavily in their applications to provide efficient and comprehensive support for their business processes. However, access to JDE is often restricted to a limited number of users within the organization. Often the JDE applications are completely unavailable to customers, suppliers and others outside the organization.

Barriers of cost, licensing, connectivity, usability and availability often prohibited the wide spread access to JDE. Today JDE World customers can give secure, easy-to-use access to anyone within the organization as well as people outside the organization such as customers, suppliers and agents.

Benefits of Becoming a “Connected” Business:

  • Accessibility of application information and functionality for those who need it.
  • Leverage investment in your existing software applications.
  • Real time information and functionality delivered directly to those who need it.
  • Intuitive interfaces for casual users of core systems.
  • Transparency – build trust with customers through open communication of your information.
  • High impact, high visibility, low risk projects that are affordable and completed in weeks.


Technical Approach – Usable Web Based Interface

In order to extend JDE to a broad base of users who are not trained in JDE, a web-based front end interface is imperative. This interface must be intuitive and focused specifically on the tasks required by the user. Whereas, the JDE screens are designed for trained users who need access to all functionality within JDE; the interface for casual users should be focused, simple and intuitive.For example, best practices for a customer facing site for placing orders incorporates a simple Google-like search for finding products and a standard shopping cart for purchasing products.
The front end web application that presents the interface resides on a web application serverand features options to write in any web-enabledlanguage including Java and .NET. Options also support any web-enabled device including mobile devices.

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