Top 10 UBE Metrics

Marc Fick, Senior Developer

GENIUS picUBE’s metrics have been an area of interest that we hear from many or our clients. GENIUS has been collecting and monitoring UBE data for a while and this month we are going to recap what data is available and where you can find it. You can get details about your most often run UBE jobs, your longest running UBE jobs from the client dashboard as well as your monthly and quarterly performance reports.

Top ten most often run UBE jobs detail can be found on the Performance tab inside the UBE Jobs sub-tab.  Here you can see the UBE name, job, version, host, environment, and the number of times the job ran over the past 30 days.


By clicking on the Job link you can drill into the daily breakdown for each individual job.  Here you can see the daily number of runs as well as the average number of times run over the past 30 days.


This data also appears in a similar format on your monthly and quarterly performance reports as seen here:


The top 10 longest running UBE jobs is collected and displayed in a similar fashion.  From the client dashboard this widget is located on the same tab as the most often run jobs.  You can see over the past 30 days how long the jobs ran as well as the average runtime for that job.


Drilling into the job details from this page allows you to see the dates and runtimes for this UBE job along with the average runtime for this 30-day period.  The table at the bottom details what JDE tables are used by this job.  This data can be used to identify potential database tuning that could help performance of this long running job.


This last example shows how this data is represented in your monthly and quarterly performance reports.  Notice here the usage of the stop sign to indicate that there was an anomaly in the data for this period as compared to the historical data.  This identifies potential areas that may be investigated.


One of the enhancements that we have in the hopper for GENIUS in the future is to eliminate subsystem jobs from these metrics.  Keep an eye out for that and remember to send your enhancement requests to your CSMs!

If you have any additional question on GENIUS, please contact us!