GENIUS AI Upcoming Activities

Rick Saltness, Senior Developer

Genius top picIn this article we’ll review what’s coming up in GENIUS AI in the short term and in the next several months. First, the GENIUS AI Client Portal will be refreshed with a new look and feel, and with improved navigation. This will provide the base for future widgets and monitoring functionality from our new agent going forward. Our plan is to go live on December 4th.

Secondly, a new agent will be deployed to GENIUS AI clients to provides us with expanded capabilities in the future, including better, more customizable monitors for your application environment.

After that, the focus will be on the following:

1. ServiceNow Integration and widgets – We’ve identified several new widgets to better display the work that AppCare is doing for you, including status summaries, counts, and categories of ticket activity during different periods of time. This will help identify where we can best focus our efforts to optimize performance.
2. A new Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) will give a longer-term view of your metrics, enabling identification of trends over a longer period of time
3. Enhanced Database Monitoring – Our database team is putting together the use cases and methods for us to best evaluate your database, giving us new and better metrics to improve analytics and performance

As always, you may use the Feature Request form on the GENIUS client portal to help us identify new features and monitoring requirements that you would like to see, as well as metrics that you would like reported.