Your marketing, sales, service and IT teams don’t have to work independently of one another. Bring them all together with the HubSpot Growth Platform!

From Funnel to Flywheel

Most marketing and sales teams talk about a funnel and for years companies have structured their business strategies around a funnel because it worked.  Times have changed.  Customer referrals and word-of-mouth are the largest influence on the purchase process.  This doesn’t work with the funnel.  The funnel helps produce customers but not clients.  Customers may like the work you do for them but Clients will be your advocates and become part of the sales process itself!  GSI has talked about this for years and it wasn’t until we found HubSpot that we knew we had found the right partner.  HubSpot threw out the Funnel and replaced it with the Flywheel!

So What Is the Flywheel?

When thinking about the difference between a funnel and a flywheel, it’s important to understand what they do. The funnel takes all of your marketing and sales efforts and eventually results in customers. And then that’s it… The flywheel, on the other hand, uses all of that energy you built up during the sales cycle which resulted in happy clients to drive referrals and repeat sales! You already put in the work. Now keep your business spinning!

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This all Sounds Great but Why Should I Use HubSpot?

HubSpot is the Best Solution for an Inbound Strategy.

It allows you to blend content marketing, blogs, SEO, social media and more in order to effectively “pull” prospects in to become clients. Buyers today are more empowered than ever before. The Internet has allowed them to find answers to questions immediately including price, reviews about goods and services and more 24/7 with just a few clicks. Inbound Marketing gives you the power to provide prospects with the answers they are looking for at the time that they need them.

HubSpot is Simple to Use!

Our own sales team was on Salesforce for many years