The GSI IT Outsourcing Advantage

GSI’s outsourcing service fees are automatically reduced 3-5% each year, directly contributing to your bottom line.

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The GSI IT Outsourcing Advantage

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A vendor’s focus is on increasing hours and fees. A true partner is only interested in a client’s success. GSI is a true partner because our only focus is your success and we do it for less! GSI is the only partner that automatically reduces your outsourcing fees 3-5% every year for the life of your contract! Talk about #Success4Less!
Q: How can GSI charge less every year when every other partner charges more?
A: First, GSI starts by analyzing your IT inefficiencies from every angle and address root causes from both a tactical and strategic standpoint. Next, GSI’s business and industry experts, averaging 20+ years of experience, take a deep dive into your business processes to thoroughly understand them and streamline them. Add in our proprietary artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and GSI’s performance optimization tools (GENISYS, GENIUS) and our team gains cognitive insight into all areas of your systems. Finally, this treasure trove of intelligence is used to apply process automation which reduces the amount of manual work which leads directly to #Success4Less!
So, if you are done with vendors and want to work with a true partner who is focused on your bottom line, contact us today! To find out more about GSI's IT Outsouricng Advantage or any of GSI's other products or services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.