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JD Edwards Integration Services

puzzle integrationIntegration is like a marriage, and finding your potential spouse. You have expectations on how life will unfold, but more commonly things change due to unforeseen events in your life.

Selecting an integration partner and approach has a similar path. Do your research, select your partner and approach, and hope for the best?

By selecting GSI’s consultants, who have over 15 years of experience, makes the selection process smoother, like a skilled matchmaker.

We have experience in the following approaches and technologies:

  • EnterpriseOne Business Services (BSSV)
  • EnterpriseOne Application Integration Services (AIS)
  • EnterpriseOne Application Real Time Events (RTE)
  •  Magic
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Custom Integration Technologies

To find out more about the GSI’s Integration Services or any of GSI’s other services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.