JD Edwards: UX One for Security & Compliance

On-Demand Webcast

UX One 1

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During this webcast, you will learn the new features of UDO/UX One objects and how those can be leveraged to give you better insight into critical access changes for security and compliance in your system.  Know when someone has made changes to critical data including access to critical programs or All access roles.

During this session, we will cover:

  • Which User Defined Objects (UDOs) are useful for monitoring Security and access
    • Creating a query over a view or table
    • What features are available
  • Breakdown of each User Defined Object
    • Intended use for each object & how your users can benefit
  • Effectively securing and assigning access to UDOs
    • How to implement/create, assign access and manage each of your UDOs
    • Tips regarding the use of UDOs in your system