gShield Authentication

gshield authentication

Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your JD Edwards system? System credentials can be acquired through cyber-attacks and other malicious activity including phishing campaigns, malware-trojans, keyloggers, remote administration tools (RAT), brute force attacks, paper notes, and other methods. According to industry experts, up to 95% of data breaches are perpetrated by hackers that have first stolen users’ credentials and then used those credentials to commit fraudulent activities.

GSI’s gShield Authentication protects your organization’s mission critical information in JD Edwards, providing an additional layer of credentialed security when a user is logging in to the system.  GShield Authentication uses two factor authentication (2FA) technology, also known as multi-factor authentication, to provide a second level of validation beyond your JD Edwards username and password credentials.

This second level of authentication is quickly validated by sending a code to the user’s email or mobile phone, or by generating a QR Code using Google Authenticator or Authy.


The resulting code is entered on an authentication page before the user is granted access to JD Edwards.