Quick Run-Down on What’s New in the Latest Tools Release

Should you upgrade to the latest tools release of EnterpriseOne? Here’s a quick overview on what’s new in Tools Release along with some helpful links from the Oracle site.

  1. Associating Orchestrations with Events on Forms – Orchestrations can now be associated with events on EnterpriseOne forms, using form extensibility framework.
  1. Adding Unused Table Columns Associated with Business View – Add unused table column related to a business view as an additional form control, without customizations using the Form Extension Manager.
  1. Decustomizer Analysis Report – Using the personalization and extensibility framework, the Decustomizer Analysis Report identifies application user interface customizations that can be eliminated.
  1. Subscription Categories – The new Category Manager application allows you to add, edit and delete categories associated with subscriptions, allowing users to group related notifications.
  1. Filtering Subscriptions – Using the Subscription Manager, user can now filter subscriptions and notifications using the search field as well as the Show field.
  1. Adding Report Output and Services Links as Attachments in Messages – Using the Action drop down list, add links for notifications, orchestrations, URLs, reports, etc. (in addition to the already available applications) to notification messages.
  1. OpenAPI 2.0 Support for Orchestrations (Version3) and XML Formatting – External systems can now discover orchestrations and notifications with inputs/output using the OpenAPI 2.0 standard (Must use Version 3 format for orchestrations). Use XML as an input/output parameter to execute an orchestration.
  1. Orchestrations for High Volume Data – Use page size for the number of records that the AIS Server fetches using the HTML Server for data services and form services.
  1. Message Center Support on iPad – Message Center is now available on the iPad.
  1. SSH Key Soft Coding for FTP Server – Use an SSH Key as the connection type for the soft coding record for an FTP server connection.
  2. Single Sign-On and Configure OAuth 2.0 using Access Manager Internet Directory – Use Oracle Access Management (OAM) 12c to setup single sign-on and configure OAuth 2.0 resource servers.
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