The Issue

With disconnected project management systems, manual data entry processes, poor financial visibility, and virtually zero control over their budgeting and time processes, many of today’s professional services consultancies need unified technology platforms that tie their operations together.

The Resolution

Once in place, NetSuite gives managers and executives a dashboard they can use to view all of their company’s financials, projects and activities in one place. This integrated approach is new for many professional services firms, most of which have grown accustomed to working with a patchwork of technology applications, spreadsheets and manual processes.

The Partner

As a NetSuite partner that also utilizes its cloud ERP system internally, GSI literally “lives and breathes” the platform on a daily basis. “Not only have we implemented NetSuite, but we’ve also developed approaches to NetSuite Project Management that further enhance an offering that’s already very strong.” – Shawn Flowers, Director of NetSuite Enterprise Solutions

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