The Current State of Retail

The retail industry is going through a transformational period.  Even prior to the recent shutdown order’s due to COVID-19, consumers were more demanding than ever.  Those retailers that didn’t already have an online presence were put into a severe disadvantage.  Establishing an effective strategy across channels can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.

With Amazon well-established as a fierce competitor in the retail space, it’s more important now than ever to create an enticing shopping experience and establish brand loyalty. Competing on price alone is no longer an option—customer satisfaction and delivering on expectations is now taking priority with consumers.

How Does NetSuite Solve Retail Issues?

NetSuite is an end-to-end cloud management system that combines finance and accounting, inventory and order management, CRM and marketing, point-of-sale, and ecommerce.  NetSuite provides you with one singular instance of data across your entire manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprise.  NetSuite has a unified omnichannel commerce platform built around customer experience. 

NetSuite’s Retail Edition was designed to give your team the tolls it needs to keep track of your business and give you faster access to data while improving your customer’s experience.  Every user of the retail solution has a home dashboard that is tailor made to present only the information that is required for your users to perform their tasks more efficiently.

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