The Issue

Having multiple, disjointed applications makes it difficult to get an overall picture of your business.  At the same time, your competition is moving faster and is coming at you from all over the world.  You need an easy to use, integrated system that brings you all your data in one place and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Resolution

Drive greater efficiency, power and flexibility with NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP suite in the world.  If you want to have better visibility into your operations, get a 360-degree view of your clients and reach users anywhere in the world online, then you need NetSuite.

The Partner

According to TEC, 50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around and 30% take longer than expected.  Most often this failure is a result of “going it alone” or choosing the wrong partner.  That’s where GSI comes in.   GSI’s expert staff has over 20 years of working with distribution companies and brings that experience to bear in every NetSuite implementationNot only can we implement software but we can help you establish industry leading best practices.

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