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NetSuite OpenAir

Professional ServicesNot only do we provide OpenAir and NetSuite services to prospective and actual partners like yourself, but we have also the first-hand experience using them every day. We know exactly what you need because professionals across our entire company are primary end-users who have come to rely on the augmented capabilities and enhanced features accessible in OpenAir and other NetSuite products.

In fact, we’ve endeavored to continually enhance those capabilities and enrich each feature accessible to you via OpenAir. And, most importantly, we have extensive experience implementing and integrating the complete OpenAir suite for organizations just like yours.

OpenAir Product

OpenAir by NetSuite is the globe’s leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, delivering a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. The OpenAir SaaS suite supports the professional services delivery lifecycle in its entirety from end-to-end—supporting resource management, project management and accounting, time and expense management, and advanced billing and invoicing.

Key Benefits

All around the world, over 1,500 professional services organizations of all sizes—ranging from smaller businesses to large and complex enterprises—rely on NetSuite’s professional services solutions because they each continue to see results. Here are some of the successful outcomes they have regularly experienced:

  • 78% increase in professional services revenue year-over-year
  • 13% additional employees have billable time
  • 38% more deals in pipelines comparative to forecasts for quarterly bookings
  • 6% extra employee work that’s billable
  • 25% greater average in EBITDA
  • $11,000 supplementary revenue for each employee (contingent upon compensation and other variables)

Source: Services Performance Insight Benchmark Survey, 2016

OpenAir Key Features

Project Management

Constantly ensure the maximum profitability of your business’s projects. OpenAir’s cloud-based platform makes it simple and seamless for you to update and manage your company’s small and complex projects. Regardless of where you are or what browser you’re using, you’ll be able to guarantee each project is completed efficiently and delivered on time. As a company executive or project manager, you can ensure each project’s success every time because you’ll be able to update and comprise reports for each project’s status instantaneously, as well as view each project’s dynamics in real-time. You’ll also be able to model “what if” scenarios to improve pricing, billing rates, staffing, and overall project effectiveness, allowing you to better communicate project financial considerations and statuses to your clients.

Resource Management

Improve how you manage your resources located across the world while ensuring the success and profitability of your company’s projects. When using OpenAir’s resource management feature you’ll never have to wonder whether your current resources are allocated for the appropriate projects at the right time again. You’ll easily be able to assign, manage, and update resources for projects based on the needs of each project, employee skill sets and experience, availability, and up-to-date project timelines.

Project Accounting

Closely and effortlessly oversee a project’s accounting and revenues throughout every stage of the project with OpenAir’s flexible project accounting capability. Ensure each project is delivered on time and within its allocated budget by thoroughly monitoring its revenue streams, expenses, and billing. Keep all your financials better organized by separating revenues by their different types and originations with OpenAir’s advanced revenue source recognition. And, use automated billing to safeguard your incoming capital and keep your clients satisfied.

Timesheet Management

Generate comprehensive timesheets easily from anywhere. Whether you’re in the backseat of a taxi on your smartphone or on a laptop in your office, you can use any device to access and generate timesheets with advanced time management capabilities. OpenAir’s time management capability integrates with its project management capabilities and tools, yielding unified and all-encompassing time reporting per project, for each project stage, individual project tasks, and more.

Expense Management

Effortlessly track every type of expense with its required documentation with OpenAir’s expenses management feature. Organize expenses by billable and non-billable hours, business-initiated appointments, and customer-facing events. And allow each of your employees to enter their own expenses from their mobile devices, whether they have an iPhone or a device that’s powered by Android. When you permit your employees to conveniently enter their own hours and upload photos of their receipts, you also ensure timely billing cycles and reduce the amount of needless and preventable mistakes and investigations your operations and billing teams must handle. Because the OpenAir expense management feature is integrated with the project accounting and project management features, you’ll also always know exactly what project each expense must be allocated toward, which ensures each expense is allocated to the appropriate client in the appropriate currency every time.

Professional Services Dashboards and Reporting

Provide everyone in your organization with direct access to critical data and information with OpenAir’s self-service dashboards and reporting capabilities. Once you configure and tailor your dashboards and reporting, professionals across your business will be able to pursue their own inquiries and data-driven initiatives whenever they need to, without having to wait on others’ help or approval.

Integrate with Enterprise Systems

Consider OpenAir as your new all-in-one business solution—engineered specifically to increase your organization’s effectiveness and profitability. OpenAir CONNECT will integrate with your current accounting system, customer relationship management (CRM) system, and any other business system you’re currently using to run the front-office or back-office of your business. Because its entirely cloud-based, you don’t have to spend extra time or money developing or implementing new software, integrations, and programs across your business. It’s 100% accessible via any web browser that has Internet access. OpenAir CONNECT is an end-to-end business solution designed to alleviate manual processes between services inside your organization while accentuating the use of OpenAir’s enhanced features elaborated above. OpenAir has also consistently been proven to augment cash flows and maintain reporting integrity and accuracy through its Services Resource Planning (SRP) integration.

The OpenAir CONNECT front-office system integrates seamlessly with CRM and Salesforce Automation systems because it’s prebuilt for them, allowing a steady flow of information from sales-to-quote-to-services.1

The OpenAir CONNECT back-office system integrates seamlessly with common accounting and ERP applications because it’s prebuilt with them in mind, allowing for a steady flow of information across various back-office systems.

  1. We can help you with all Salesforce implementations, integrations, and services as well as other NetSuite and OpenAir integrations.