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EnterpriseOne: “Next Numbers” Confusion?

Dan Schultheis, Sr Manager – Enterprise Consulting

Next Numbers by Company

Having been in the JD Edwards field for just short of forever, I take some little things for granted that bug the heck out of folks all the time. Let’s use the document next numbers… they are pretty straight forward for the most part, but then you get into the funky transactions and, well, that’s when the logic wheels fall off the wagon. I’m talking about those documents that make you search and sometimes even let a little swear slip out, because you forgot to write down the second document. For example, in an ST/OT transaction, you had the sales order number but now you don’t have the OT number. Sure, it’s easy to look up but really, you have the PO inquiry already open and just needed to load in the DOCO.

Next Numbers by Company can help you. When I was recently at a client, they did a massive amount of transfers of product store to store, warehouse to warehouse, etc. Sometimes there would be 5 or 10 transfers open at any given time to a store, which one belongs to which, etc. Again, easy to search to find the correct number, but let’s make it even easier. When using NN by Company, you have the ability to make them sequential. I know you’re saying, “Why can’t they be the same number?”  Well, technically you could, but they WILL get out of sequence eventually, so why not let them be sequential? Here’s how to make it work!

Go to Next Numbers P0002 or if you are at the Setup screen, choose Next Numbers and form exit to the NN By Company.

cc pic1

Using the demo environment, I setup ST, the Sales portion of the transfer order, to be at 2000 and a prefix of 19 for 2019. You know that makes it also visible to the year created (I usually reserve that type of trick for blankets and such), and if you notice the OT is setup to be same as ST.

Let’s create an order and see what happens:

CCpic 2

By setting the next number on the OT to be same as ST, it created them as a pair, 192000 and 192001, not exactly the same, but they are at least sequential and make it lot easier to connect the related documents.

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