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Now that we've picked our ERP system, how do we go about implementing our solution quickly and accurately, with minimal cost and modifications so we can achieve the highest ROI possible? What are the next steps in defining, configuring and implementing our solution? Well if you selected Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution, you may opt to implement it utilizing OBA's, or Oracle Business Accelerators. Developed by Oracle and their partners, these preconfigured tools help speed up application deployment by combining product-specific technologies with industry expertise, all which help to streamline planning and setup while reducing risks during deployment.

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Created for the midsize market, OBA's look to resolve the disadvantages that mid-size companies have when installing an ERP system because of their lack of time and resources. By creating a configuration toolkit that takes standardized "Best Practices" across multiple industries, organizations can now implement their applications based upon their own organizational needs since each application accelerator allows for the configuration of only those components and processes that are relevant to the organization, industry and demographic. This allows for a quicker implementation, with fewer errors and more predictable results across the enterprise.

Most mid-size business have multiple business functions which may include manufacturing, financial management, sales, purchasing, distribution, order management, CRM, and the like. When a typical business invests in a business application, it purchases software that must manage the complete end-to-end transactions in the most efficient manner. Being able to navigate these waters and configure software based upon an organizations needs may become arduous. By using best practices for specific industries, Oracle Business Accelerators afford your organization the option to review, adopt and configure your solutions to industry best business practices right out of the box.

Developed to handle a variety of industries and localization requirements, OBA's are free to use during the implementation process by qualified Oracle partners. Working with a qualified Oracle partner, your organization provides the necessary information required to configure the application by answering questions about your business. By doing so the OBA toolset pre-configures the various applications required to perform an organization's functions in order to compress implementation project timelines and eliminate project scope creep.

The organization selects only those processes required to run the business. Once selected, your organization begins to answer various questions related to the business process. With each response the OBA generates more questions in order to "hone in" on the final, desired process flow. It should be pointed out that the tool is flexible enough to allow for changes if the desired outcome is not as expected. Once all the questions to the business processes are completed. The tool produces a final flow diagram and video depicting those process required within the application(s). These final application configurations presented by the OBA tool are no different from a regular instance of the program configured from scratch. They are not watered-down versions of the software offering limited use. Each version is the same software that would have been configured if you worked one-by-one through the business process. The benefit is that by using OBA's, you've eliminated the lengthy iterative scope definition processes while mitigating some of the risks associated with implementing enterprise-class software.
Covering a range of business processes across multiple application modules, one can understand the value that OBA's can bring to an implementation. Add this to the value of utilizing a certified Oracle partner like GSI, and you can quickly see how your time to value can be drastically improved during your implementation process. Until next time.

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- Tom Gabriele - Product Manager