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Oracle Cloud Business Value Assessment (BVA)cloud bva

GSI’s  Business Value Assessment (BVA) services helps executives conduct a strategic review of their business needs to ensure their Oracle Cloud system is being fully utilized and not hindering their growth. The BVA service is based on numerous years of ERP functional and technical system experience for companies of all sizes and across numerous industries. It starts with an initial consultation that analyzes a company’s current business situation; market, geographic, online and mobile growth plans; and a comprehensive review of their current software infrastructure and IT road map.

The GSI team then conducts a business analysis review matching up the company’s business needs with capabilities and actual usage of their current software. Finally, GSI delivers a customized assessment that matches business growth and opportunity costs against the economics of their current software, the cost of a potential upgrade and/or the wisdom of complementing their system with a third-party software solution.

Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors (, a full-service contracting, construction management and design/build provider, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala. and with offices in Georgia, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina, engaged GSI for the new service earlier this year. Chief Technology Officer James R. Purcell, Sr., said the project helped his firm to better understand and justify its upgrade.

“Not only did GSI’s Business Value Assessment service help us to better understand the user interface improvements in version 9.1, but it also identified real business benefit opportunities,” said Mr. Purcell. “The Hierarchical Contract Structure will help us manage our joint venture construction projects better. And by implementing JD Edwards’ Mobile Expense Management, we can stop recording expense statements in off-line Excel documents. This should help us recover, conservatively, two percent of these costs by having the job and cost codes validated as the expense reports are entered, which is about a $300,000 benefit annually.”

Summary: GSI’s Business Value Assessment service helps management determine the best approach to enhancing their IT infrastructure to ensure that their business system fully supports their business strategy. This plan includes developing a realistic timeline and accurate budget to avoid any surprises and ensure a successful outcome.

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