The quickest way to review and process workflow approval requestsRapidApproval

How much time do you spend each week processing approval requests one at a time? Wouldn’t it be great to have a configurable component on your home page showing you how many approvals are in your queue? Wouldn’t it also be great to be able to view each approval record in a single screen without having to open, approve, close, open, approve, close…? Well now you can, with Rapid Approval™ from GSI.

Product Overview

RapidApproval is an improved user experience for processing Salesforce approval workflow requests against any standard or custom object. From the Home Page, users can easily see the number and type of requests awaiting their attention.


Users can then quickly review the details of each request without the need to manually open each record, and then select to approve, reject, or reassign the request as appropriate. All actions can be submitted to background processing without the fear of exceeding Salesforce governing limits for concurrent SOQL requests.


RapidApproval comes with a configuration tool to allow your administrators to define batch sizes and configure approval aging notifications according to your company’s approval policies. Your workflow processes remain intact. Only the user experience is changed!


Faster review and mass approval capabilities make it easier for your approvers to get through their approval queues and reduce the temptation to “rubber stamp” the requests. Cut down the time you spend reviewing and approving requests and get back your productivity.


  • Provides a configurable single-page application for quickly processing workflow approval requests.
  • Includes a configurable Home Page Component to display all of the requests in the awaiting queue by approval type.
  • Users can scroll through their open approval requests making approval decisions before committing all actions in backgroun