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Salesforce Integration Services

Although Salesforce may be your CRM or Service Management system of choice, it is most likely not the only enterprise application in your portfolio. Keeping your critical data synchronized between your CRM, ERP, or other systems requires clean, reliable integrations. You need to create a single, reliable source of truth for your key data, avoid the need for double entry, and automate as much as possible to ensure that both ends of the integration present the exact same data to your users.

Typical Solutions Includesalesforce inegration

File export/import

  • Pros: Simple, Low Security Risk, Good for Mass Data Loads
  • Cons: Not flexible, no real time notifications, not an open standard

Web Services

  • Pros: Standard based (SOAP / REST), Real-time integration
  • Cons: Mapping can be complicated, integration is tightly coupled, often fire and forget, 3rd party tools often needed


  •  Pros: Simplified payloads, data queues, guaranteed receipt, fast
  • Cons: More complicated, requires additional maintenance, might have security implications, 3rd party tools often needed

Enterprise Service Bus

  •  Pros: Simplified payloads, data queues and/or workflow, guaranteed receipt, decoupled, better security
  • Cons: Can be expensive, much more complicated, 3rd party tools needed

Determining the best approach for your specific needs involves understanding your options and what kind of integration is needed. Working with GSI, you will be working with the best tools and skills for the solution that best fits your needs.

To find out more about the GSI’s Services for Salesforce or any of GSI’s other products or services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.