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Salesforce Project Recovery Services


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Is your Salesforce project experiencing significant cost overruns and behind schedule? Is the project impacting operations? As an Salesforce Partner specializing in enterprise solutions, GSI provides project management, business, technical and development services to help mitigate your risks and get your project on track.  GSI’s Project Recovery staff has extnsive Salesforce, industry and business experience and are expertly qualified to identify and implement a corrective action plan to get you bakc on track.


Project Recovery

  Discovery/Business Value Assessment  (BVA) Document

The Discovery/BVA document provides a review of the company’s current state. This review by GSI can be of technology, software or business process, all of which are compared to business  best practices. Using this information, a detailed list of GSI’s findings and suggestions for improvement is provided.

Potential Salesforce Project Issues

  • Poject management issues
    • Straying from vision – Not meeting benefits
    • Project behind schedule
    • Over budget
    • Major scope creep on project
    • Milestones/goals not being met
  • System performance & other technical issues