While the rest of the enterprise is focused on cyber security affecting external access to the network, who is paying attention to the business applications inside the network? Once a hacker has gained access to a network or computer, can they also gain access to your business systems?

Although it is certainly important that unauthorized access to the network be prevented, it is equally important to ensure your critical business data is protected. The vast majority of financial losses suffered by a company are due to insider access, not an external source.

Public and private companies can realize significant benefits from implementing a compliance solution; easier and faster access to both programs and data for users, lower overhead, and robust reporting that details exactly what each user can do.

GSI, Inc. provides an extensive range of world class security and system administration solutions and services for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World customers. As a Certified Premium Partner for ALL Out Security, GSI deploys ALL Out’s world class tools through GSI’s staff of highly skilled professionals. GSI’s certified experts help companies implement JD Edwards security best practices though its Security Assessment service.

Services and Compliance Services Provided

  • Security Assessment Service. This 30 point inspection will provide you with a detailed review of your JDE security configuration along with prioritized recommendations and a plan for fixing any issues.
  • Security or Compliance project consulting. Contact GSI for a complimentary review of your current situation
  • Implement an All Doors Closed (ADC) best practice model
  • Implement a Segregation of Duties compliance model that will report on existing issues as well as prevent new issues from occurring
  • Implement mitigating controls for compliance reporting
  • Create Business Process based security roles. This is industry best practice and facilitates implementation of a SOX compliant environment
  • Implement security best practices to reduce or eliminate conflicts between roles
  • Review, identify, and eliminate duplicate security settings between roles and *PUBLIC
  • Review current roles and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Provide visibility into which functions can be performed by what user
  • Define role naming conventions and standards
  • Convert row security from Exclusive mode to Inclusive mode
  • Implement row security roles to help eliminate costly and time intensive changes when users’ business requirements change.
  • Implement a sustainable security model that will effectively meet business requirements for the short and long term
  • Establish a security model that is easy to maintain and simplifies/streamlines the helpdesk process for new employee access as well as security changes.
  • Create process documentation for user, role and access request changes.
  • Review *PUBLIC security settings to ensure common applications that can be accessed by all users are included
  • Apply security best practices for interfaces/custom development.
  • Implement Company and Business Unit access reporting


  • GSI’s exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 18+ Years EnterpriseOne experience
  • Free Educational webcasts
  • ITIL Certified
  • ISACA members
  • 40+ Clients trained on AOS

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