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JD Edwards Services

As a certified Oracle Platinum Partner and a recognized industry leader, GSI, Inc. specializes in providing a broad spectrum of business, functional, and technical consulting services centered on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World Applications.


Unleash The Power Of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne For Your Business Needs

JD Edwards Consulting

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No matter the size or the industry of your business, your company faces unique situations and challenges across your organization. Whether you are facing shorter product life cycles or increasing market complexities, companies just like yours have found the solutions they need in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. GSI has helped companies across a wide range of industries including distribution, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, engineering & construction, energy, oil & gas, life sciences, public sector and more.

As your company continues to grow, you will meet unexpected challenges, especially in an uncertain economic climate. With over 15 years of experience working with businesses just like yours, GSI provides unmatched JD Edwards services and support with our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Consulting Services and Managed Services.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides your business with a wider degree of flexibility and customizations than other solutions on the market. Everything from more choices of databases, operating systems, and hardware means that you can build and expand the perfect IT solution to meet your business needs.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you accomplish your goals with proven JD Edwards support, then the professional team at GSI are here to help. Below are a few areas that our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne experts can help you!

As a certified Oracle Platinum Partner and a recognized industry leader, GSI, Inc. specializes in providing a broad spectrum of business, functional, and technical consulting services centered on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World Applications. With a staff of over 90 industry professionals, GSI has performed 125+ upgrades and 40+ migrations for numerous businesses of all sizes including global organizations.


  • Implementations, Upgrades, Migrations and New Deployments
  • Managed Services – Applications, Development, and CNC, DBMS, OS
  • Cloud/Hosting
  • Business Process Redesign Services
  • Audit Assistance
  • Gap Analysis
  • Data Conversions
  • Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK)
  • Configurable Network Computing (CNC)
  • Custom Solutions, JDE Customizations and Web Development
  • Integrations, Middleware, EDI, Reports, and Forms
  • Configurable Network Computing (CNC)
  • Database Administration (SQL, Oracle, DB2) 
  • Proactive Monitoring, Alerts, and System Checks
  • Architecture Design for HA/DR
  • UX One
  • Orchestrator
  • One View Reporting/Dashboards
  • Mobile Applications
  • IoT

JD Edwards Project/Consulting Services

With our experience in multiple industries, our JDE system consultants will help you align your business needs with the capabilities and flexibility that JDE EnterpriseOne provides. This will result in improved customer service response times, personalized service, and reduced costs to your business.

Investing in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Consulting Services means that you will be able to operate your  business with higher ROI and hit your goals faster!

No matter the industry or needs that your business has, GSI will partner with you to provide a comprehensive spectrum of business, functional, and technical consulting to meet your needs. Each of our professional JDE ERP experts has the knowledge and skills you expect to deliver the solutions that you deserve.

GSI's implementation experts averages 15+ years of JD Edwards experience. Many have advanced degrees, JDE certifications (functional, technical, and CNC) and professional certifications (CPA, CPIM, APICS, VMware, Oracle RAC, IBM iSeries, PMP/ITIL, etc.) that help to ensure optimal results for the project. All GSI services are backed by an industry exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Upgrade Resources

The easiest way to take advantage of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2's new features is to upgrade your application to this latest release. To help you plan your upgrade, GSI, Inc. offers an Upgrade Assessment for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2. While upgrades are necessary and beneficial, they can be difficult to justify with all the competing initiatives that require technical and functional resources, as well as time and budget. GSI can assist you with developing a business case by conducting a Business Value Assessment (BVA). The Assessment is an excellent tool to assess your current JD Edwards system, against current and future business needs, as well as help balance the benefits with the costs. 

GSI also provides extensive free educational resources to help you with your upgrade. 

JD Edwards Managed Services - AppCare

Your business is unique, and to help meet your diverse needs, GSI offers unmatched JD Edwards solutions with our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World support. Since GSI has worked with companies just like yours, we know that transparency and trust are a fundamental piece of a successful JDE ERP project.

This is why we offer fully customized AppCare managed service plans, so you know that the solutions you receive are based on the needs and expectations of your business.

Depending on your project needs and available budget, we will work with you to help you find the best solutions for your needs. Instead of picking from generic plans; with GSI’s JD Edwards managed services, our team will help you choose the best support areas, coverage window, and allow you to choose from a range of service options to meet your budget.

Our clients have seen an estimated 67.3% reduction in costs by partnering with our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne experts. This means that our JD Edwards Managed Services is an investment in your success, and we provide 24-hour customer support so you can have the peace of mind that we have you covered when you need us.

JD Edwards Security Practice

In an ever uncertain world, security is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to on-prem and cloud-based ERP platforms. Protecting the privacy of your customers and your data is much more than a competitive advantage, since compromised security can cost your company assets from fraud or misuse.

The professional JD Edwards experts at GSI know that your company needs security measures that protect your company and customers, while also allowing your internal teams access to information they need to do their jobs.

GSI will partner with you to develop a seamless security model for JD Edwards that is non-invasive to your business operations, while also strengthening the safety of your data.

JD Edwards Project Recovery Services

Whether your business is developing a new instance of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, or you are modifying an existing architecture, a project that is falling behind or is over budget can have a significant impact on your entire business operation.

Finding the right JD Edwards project recovery team could save your business; as well as  mitigate risks and costs associated with mismanaged JDE ERP projects. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, GSI specializes in partnering with companies just like yours in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and other enterprise solutions.

Our team of professional project recovery consultants averages over 20 years of JD Edwards experience, and we know have the industry and business experience you need to identify and implement corrective action plans for your JD Edwards project.

JD Edwards Database Management Services

Since your company operates with some complex information systems, your database is a crucial component for the ongoing success of your business. Your business operations could come to a grinding halt if your data is inaccessible, and the result of a database crash could impact the business tens of thousands of dollars and  more, as well as have a negative influence on lost revenue or wages.

The Certified Database Administrators at GSI have worked with hundreds of companies just like yours to support advanced software that is integrated into advanced enterprise-class databases while provided unmatched expertise at your disposal around the clock.

JD Edwards Business Value Assessment

As your business continues to grow and integrate a variety of technologies into your company operations, you may not know if your current software is being fully utilized. This is why GSI offers a strategic review for C-level and IT executives to take a look at their business needs and ensure their JDE EnterpriseOne software is not hindering their growth.

GSI will partner with your company to determine the best approach to enhance your IT infrastructure to implement your JDE system to its fullest. We examine everything from your current business situation, market conditions, and a comprehensive review of your current software to develop a detailed IT roadmap.

Custom JD Edwards Development

Your business likely utilizes JD Edwards since it is a leading ERP and supply chain management solution, but with the range of applications, it can be challenging to get the best results with an out of the box software platform. It is often necessary to build a custom application to meet the specific needs of your business.

GSI provides trusted JDE ERP custom development solutions for companies just like yours. Our expert JDE Edwards development consultants have over 15 years of experience with a range of technologies that your business needs.

JD Edwards Integration Services

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a robust ERP solution that supports integrations acorss a diverse set of business processes and industries.. Whether you are integrating modules for financial and manufacturing management or project management, your business needs JDE ERP integration experts with the knowledge experience to deliver the services you need.

GSI will partner with you to assess your needs and deliver custom JD Edwards integrations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration experts have over 15 years of experience working with companies just like yours to make the entire process smooth and successful!

JD Edwards World Practice

If your business utilizes JD Edwards World ERP, then you likely know the difficulty of hiring and retaining skilled professions to support your IT infrastructure. While JD Edwards World is a robust ERP application, recent years have seen a reduction in the pool of talented professionals to support World and the related IT infrastructure for companies like yours.

No matter your industry or needs, GSI will partner with you to provide a comprehensive range of services to support your JD Edwards World ERP technologies. Your dedicated GSI consultants will have the experience and credentials you need to ensure the ongoing stability of your JD Edwards World platform.

JDE Systems To Help You Reach Your Goals

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that integrates applications to deliver exceptional business value. While only JD Edwards EnterpriseOne allows you a choice of databases, hardware, and operating systems to meet your unique needs, you will still need a host of professional JDE ERP services to ensure the ongoing success of your business operations.

GSI’s JD Edwards consultants focus on collaboration and close teamwork to create strategies based on your business goals. All of your services and recommendations are intended to drive increased operational efficiency and support, so your company can grow and reach your goals!

JD Edwards Implementation Methodology - gSuccess

GSI uses a proven and versatile 5-step JDE implementation methodology that is structured to accommodate the diversity of requirements that can be encountered in each project. This proven methodology is designed to deliver optimal results while minimizing the risks, costs and time associated with a project.

Project Implementation

To find out more about the GSI's Project Services or any of GSI's other services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.