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This month we will present common problems we see with NetSuite users and some NetSuite tips and tricks for your consideration.

Problem 1: Approval Re-submission

We have a PO approval process, and currently any change to the PO total amount results in a re-submission for approval.  We want a subset of PO changes to result in re-submission, but not all, and these changes should be triggered from the line not the order total.  Certain purchases are commodity pricing and we want changes to flow through without disturbing the process, but if a service item amount changes, we want to approve the additional expenditure.

Solution 1: Sublist Action Group

A common issue for organizations with approval re-submission requirements, is that their solution is too broad, and fewer PO’s should need to be re-approved.  The 2018.1 releases inclusion of Sublist Action Groups, provides NetSuite users the opportunity to create line item considerations for re-submission.  Below is an example where any change to the line amount, for a particular class of item, would reset the PO to pending approval.

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Problem 2: Item locations missing cost

For NetSuite implementation with complex supply chain and inventory requirements, multiple cost methods may be employed and therefore keeping track of location specific setup is important.  Clients need tools to ensure item costs are managed according to their specific requirements.

Solution 2: Search Case Statements

One way to pro-actively manage cost discrepancies, is to compare location cost to the over-all (across all locations) average cost the system maintains for the item.  You will need to correct for the actual cost method configured for the item, and variances are common, but by investigation and reviewing these variances NetSuite users can identify issues, and with time configure alerts and notifications sensitive to their inventory’s behavior.  A basic example of this principle is, the formula numeric criteria field shown below identifies inventory locations where the item cost at a particular location is in excess of more than 50 than the over-all system average cost for the item return.

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Problem 3: Viewing time or other records in a visually meaningful way is difficult: How can I quickly make a search to show dated material in a visual way?

Solution 3: Case statements with date decoding: Utilizing the TO_CHAR function, you can accomplish a lot within just a saved search with regards to date visualization. In the example below, we are looking at time entries (regardless of status) per day of week.  This would allow managers and employees to quickly identify days with insufficient time entry and visualize this data on a dashboard.  See SuiteAnswers Answer Id: 50499 for more details regarding the use of TO_CHAR.

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