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    Best Practices: How to Lead a Remote Workforce

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    Best Practices: How to Lead a Remote Workforce


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    In our first on a series of executive webcasts, hear from our President and CEO, Kevin Herrig, who will discuss the key steps required to lead a remote workforce. Kevin has led a remote workforce for 15+ years and knows the key factors to be successful.
    During this webcast you will learn:
    • Setup a proper home office
    • Adjust to working from home – The Work/Life Balance
    • Help employees create a schedule that helps them focus and excel
    • Ask your team to strive for Excellence, not Perfection
    • Implement a Recognition and Rewards Program
    • Develop and track MBOs monthly. Pay bonuses quarterly.
    • Create effective and efficient meetings
    • Know when to email, when to IM, and when to call
    • Create weekly video messages for the team/company
    • Create Employee Advocate Meetings
    • Conduct Monthly All Hands Calls

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