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    Best Practices: JD Edwards Data Privacy

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    Best Practices: JD Edwards Data Privacy



    During this webcast, you will learn what JDE data privacy is, what are best practices, what Personal Identification Information (PII) is, what types of info needs securing and how to go about ensuring this data is protected within your JDE system.

    During this session we will cover:

    • What is data privacy?
      • Understanding and defining the types of data that need securing
      • Securing Personal Identifying Information (PII) from general view
    • Best practices and options for implementing data privacy
      • Options for securing Address Book fields
        • User, Role, *PUBLIC
      • Best Practices
        • Lock *PUBLIC and grant back with roles
    • Extending data privacy to HR tables or segregate HR data
      • Best Practices
        • Extend to protect fields throughout system
        • Segregate HR data to its own database and control access

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