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    How to Easily Identify/Replace Customizations with Orchestrations


    One of the biggest challenges with upgrades and getting code current is addressing your custom modifications, as the code retrofitting process is very time-consuming and resource intensive.

    During this session, we will address how you can easily identify custom code that can be converted with User Defined Objects (UDOs) such as orchestrations and form extensions, as UDOs are easily brought forward in the upgrade process.

    Topics covered will include:

    1. Using a new UI Tool, learn how quickly identify custom code in JD Edwards that can be replaced with Orchestrations
    2. How to estimate the time it will take to replace custom code with Orchestrations
    3. Identify if a new ESU will affect custom code or setup
    4. How to simplify future upgrades by converting custom code to upgradeable User Defined Objects
    5. How Orchestrations become part of the business data and are not custom code

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