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    How-to Improve Credit & Collection Function Utilizing Queries & Watchlists

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    How-to Improve Credit & Collection Function Utilizing Queries & Watchlists



    During this session understand how the Accounts Receivable Manager can utilize Queries and Watchlists to become more proactive in identifying potential credit and collection issues.

    During the session we will discuss and demonstrate:

    • Show how the current User Defined Objects can augment delivered functionality to provide a more streamlined, real time view of the credit and collection function and provide information that may require changes to existing process
    • How queries and watchlists are “different” than the standard Credit and Collection functionality
    • Driving collections by identifying the “proper mix” of customer and collectors
    • Using Orchestrator along with notifications to alert the appropriate people before a situation arises
    • Incorporating the Queries and watchlists on dashboards to obtain holistic visibility across the Accounts Receivable function

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