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    JD Edwards Analytics and Machine Learning in 2021: What You Need to Know

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    The Future of ERP Analytics with Machine Learning



    Learn how leading BI tools incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards.

    In this demo-filled glimpse into the future of analytics, we illustrate some of the unbiased insights that can be gained from a common JDE infrastructure with AI-enabled advanced analytics, natural-language query and generation, and smart data visualization.

    • Gain an understanding of the machine-learning capabilities already built-in to common BI platforms
    • Discuss the benefits and applications of AI and machine learning using JD Edwards data
    • Demo of augmented analytics in action using JDE data and use cases

    Consumers are exposed to AI every day. From Netflix recommendations to Google Maps routes, these uncannily accurate predictions are powered by machine learning algorithms and predictive models.

    To address this need, an innovative trend called augmented analytics has emerged to extend human intuition with computer-generated, data-driven insights. This new paradigm uses automated machine-learning algorithms and models to augment human intelligence throughout the full data analysis and decision-making process.

    Presented by:

    David Kettinger
    Data Analytics Consultant
    Preferred Strategies

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