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    JD Edwards: The Journey to UX One

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    JD Edwards: The Journey to UX One



    Part 1 of our UX One series of webcasts around JD Edwards and the UX One experience. During this webcast series we’ll present not only the relevant considerations around the various UX One components, but provide real life examples and demonstrations on how you can create your own UX One environment.

    During Session 1, The Journey to UX One, we’ll discuss and demonstrate:

    • The evolution of JD Edwards
    • How Oracle progressed to the concept of UXOne
    • Oracle’s Support Policy for JD Edwards and the ongoing delivery model of enhancements and what’s included today
    • Business cases around what can make up your own UX One experience
    • The creation of our total UX One experience by creating Queries and Watchlists that support these business cases

    During the webcast users can follow along in their own systems if desired with the understanding that each subsequent webinar will build upon the prior session until we achieve a final, complete UX One experience!

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