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    JDE Security Best Practices – Are You Secure & Compliant?

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    JDE Security Best Practices – Are You Secure & Compliant?



    A solid foundation is key to a quality structure and adhering to compliance regulations.  Do you and your team understand the foundations and best practices of JDE security? Is your current security model one that allows you to effectively track your users’ access? Are you compliant in the eyes of your Auditors? Join GSI to learn more about the tried-and-true security best practices available in JDE and understand how you can leverage that information to help build a risk based, best practice security model for your company.

    • Learn and understand what options are out there for Security, how they work and what you can do to utilize these in your JDE system.
    • Understand Open vs Closed and Inclusive vs Exclusive, what do they really mean and what should I have?
    • Learn how to effectively design and implement a best practice security model.

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