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    On-Demand Webcast: Trends in Cybersecurity - 2023 and Beyond

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    What's Trending in Cybersecurity? 2023 and Beyond

    What's Trending in Cybersecurity

    2022 has been a record year for cyberattacks on business networks. Not surprisingly, global corporations have responded by significantly upgrading their Cybersecurity systems, protocols and training; and hiring Cybersecurity personnel to protect their data.

    But where is all this heading? Are small businesses really as exposed to cybercrime as large enterprises or government systems? What steps should you take at your company to ensure your data is secure?

    Tony Ford, CEO of Enspire Partners, will moderate an unscripted, roundtable discussion with three established cybersecurity experts to tackle these questions and many more:

    1. We are seeing a significant increase in Information Security awareness and spend at clients of
      all sizes, what are some of the drivers propelling this activity?
    2. How do you effectively blend "Proactive" or "Reactive" information security measures? Along those lines, how do you prepare for the unexpected? Do your vulnerabilities and defensive strategies change depending on company size?
    3. Can you provide some real-world examples of the most costly or painful cyberattacks you were a part of responding to or studied.
    4. What should a company be doing to increase its preparedness? What are some of the different layers of Cybersecurity and how do clients typically implement them?
    5. What is the next “big thing” in Information Security? With limited resources and budget, what are the fundamental steps companies can take to enhance their Information Security?
    6. How can companies find the right people to implement their Information Security Strategy? How do those people typically get trained, and what certifications are essential?

    Webinar Participants

    • Tony Ford, CEO of Enspire Partners will serve as moderator. Enspire Partners provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Big Data, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure staff augmentation, support and professional services.
    • John Bassett, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of GSI Inc., an enterprise application, automation, cloud and cybersecurity consulting firm.
    • Michael O’Hara, a Director of Compliance and Security and longtime IT security professional.
    • Cody Comstock, Insider Threat Cyber Engineer with Forcepoint, LLC., a provider of on-prem and cloud-based security solutions.

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