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Why Now? The Urgency of Moving to the Cloud

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Why Now? The Urgency of Moving to the Cloud


urgency of moving to the cloud

We understand the strain that the current environment is putting on your business. Now, you’ve been given the directive; “we’re moving to the cloud”. But with so much complexity and so many choices, how do you quickly develop a cloud strategy that meets the needs of the business and addresses the concerns of your team.

In this webinar we’ll:

  • Why now – addressing the new normal
  • Discuss cloud strategy
  • Learn how to assess the pros and cons of moving to the cloud, beyond the cost of compute (TCO)
  • Discuss common challenges and pitfalls; and how to overcome them
  • Answer, what happens to my IT staff?

Josh Smith

Main Presenter

IaaS Manager

 GSI, Inc.

Brooke Bacon


Marketing Lead

 GSI, Inc.

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