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Your JDE & Database Security is Wide Open!

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For the majority of companies running JD Edwards, their security is NOT secure. Even if you have set up your internal application security, you are almost certainly exposed at the database level. In this webcast,
we will show you real-world examples of security challenges and how you can fix them both inside the application and on the database.

This can be anything from using default passwords to assigning DBA permissions to all users. If you’re running a JDE version prior to 9.2 or have recently upgraded to 9.2, it’s highly likely that all database users have full permissions on every table in the database. Did your company do a fresh install of JDE 9.2? There’s a new feature in that release that is not well understood that manages security between JDE and the database. If that’s not set up correctly it can cause erratic security behavior leading to improper workarounds (e.g. assign DBA to all users) or cause JDE to revert to the pre-9.2 behavior of granting full permissions to all users.