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    SD Retailers' LEAP TO THE FUTURE: A Path to Precision, Profitability, and Seamless Inventory Management with NetSuite

    About the Client

    SD Retailers specializes in buying, marketing & selling
    products in global online marketplaces to increase sales
    & optimize brand presence. How it works is that they
    purchase items from sellers in bulk, store in safe and
    convenient locations, and then connect those products to
    e-commerce marketplaces through keyword optimization,
    proper information management, and compelling content
    design. In addition to selling those products, they also
    enforce MAP policies on behalf of their customers to keep
    prices high. According to Gerardo Mejia, the company’s
    Operations Managers, described their business as a “FBA
    Seller” that deals with a wide range of items, “anywhere
    from processed foods to sprinkles, pool products,
    manufacturing items.”

    Challenges the Client Faced

    SD Retailers were using multiple disconnected platforms prior
    to implementing NetSuite. For inventory management and
    forecasting, they leveraged SoStocked, while the accounting
    process was handled with QuickBooks. The latter’s lack
    of integration with Amazon made it difficult to synchronize
    inventory and financial data between the platforms. “Yeah, we
    had to do counts whenever they needed inventory valuation
    instead of just pulling our report,” Gerardo Mejia said.
    Furthermore, though the SoStocked platform helped them
    optimize their inventory levels, it wasn’t a “WMS or ERP, it was
    more of an Amazon connector. Everything was really manual.”

    GSI's Solution

    “We’ve been juggling the NetSuite option for 2 years, but we didn’t feel
    confident doing the implementation directly with NetSuite,” said Mejia.
    The SD team needed a consultant that “knew what they were doing,” namely, a provider that had executed multititle implementations with other teams in the industry. In addition to a strong demo, GSI's past achievements with other FBA sellers were instrumental in their decision to invest. “Basically, by talking to your team, we felt comfortable going with GSI.”

    Ready To Start?

    Our mission is to make every customer a client by offering competitively-priced, full-customizable products and services, providing only the most experienced consultants, and delivering the highest level of service day-after-day, year-after-year.