NetSuite for Non-Profits

The #1 Cloud ERP for Nonprofits

GSI combines our deep industry experience in the non-profit space with our expert knowledge of NetSuite to deliver the tailored solution your organization needs to stay efficient and effective, while focusing on your mission.

The #1 NetSuite ERP Solution Provider for Non-Profits

Donors know they’re spending money wisely when organizations show efficiency as well as effectiveness. That’s why NetSuite’s ERP implemented and managed by GSI works for them and for you. You’ll be able to track where the money’s coming from and where it’s going in real time. And you can tie it into your HR function, payroll, and donor management so that you can see where it all comes together, and where it doesn’t so that you can address it.

GSI is the #1 NetSuite Solution Provider for non-profits in the United States. GSI consultants have, on average 12+ years of experience in NetSuite and ERP for non-profits. We challenge our clients with a real world understanding of how software changes in NetSuite will affect your overall business.          


Why NetSuite for Non-Profits

Nonprofits running NetSuite are able to manage their key processes within a single, unified ERP covering financials, inventory, grants, and much more. Nonprofits are able to automate operations, streamline processes, and access real-time information, anytime, anywhere. NetSuite handles your software, so you can focus on your mission. 

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Challenges Facing Non-Profits and How GSI Can Help


Manually inputting financial and transaction details across multiple entities


NetSuite's intercompany transaction matching enables you to automatically align these details across multiple entities


Burden on limited IT resources


Eliminates the need to maintain on-premise hardware and software


Irrelevant/outdated data


Access to real-time data anywhere, anytime, that allows you to create financial models that show stakeholders the effects of different transactions


Lack of visibility into payroll and project costs


Automate fluctuating payroll costs associated with programs, projects, or grants


Manually entering recurring donations


Automate recurring donations, and reduce the chances of mistakes being made


Lack of ERP options non-profits


Social impact program to provide a suite of cloud software specifically built for non-profits

Working with GSI NetSuite Experts

The GSI NetSuite team consists of former CFOs, CEOs, supply chain experts, accountants -- people with real business experience. 

Most of our consultants are also accountants. We take an accounting-first approach to every implementation, where we see many other firms starting with customizations or "changing" NetSuite. 
We challenge our clients with a real-world understanding of how business process changes within the software will affect the overall business. 

We have a senior-level, 100% US based implementation team. Our consultants average 10+ years of experience in the NetSuite ecosystem. 

In addition to new implementations, we offer other services, including:

NetSuite License Resale to get you the best deal on your NetSuite licenses and renewals. 
NetSuite SuiteCare Support - our #1 rated NetSuite support offering  staffed with dedicated resources that perform a business-first discovery of your organization in efforts to become familiar with your account and make better informed consulting recommendations.
NetSuite SuiteAlign Project Rescue - for NetSuite implementations gone wrong that need to get back on track ASAP. 

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